Vidya Balan’s Top Transparent Bikini on Maxim Magazine

Posted on 07 March 2011

Sex is now very common in bollywood if you want to become a top all most actress to show you part of body. Now this time another bollywood beautiful actress vidya balan wearing a black bikini top fully transparent and inside which is clearly visible.
But this not real photo of Vidya Balan as early Sonakshi Sinha, now its Vidya Balan morphed pictures of Vidya Balan in a bikini for a magazine cover has gone viral online. But is the image fake or did Vidya actually pose in the two-piece for the cover?

The photo has been morphed on the cover of a famous men’s magazine

2 Responses to “Vidya Balan’s Top Transparent Bikini on Maxim Magazine”

  1. kavita says:

    neked pics for vidya balan please send me.

  2. Sanjay says:

    wow** Vidya. U r THE BEST hottest, Delicious, Charming, Cutiest Grace Women in this world. I love you dear.

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