Ekta Kapoor Lips Kissing during an Audition Video to Sakshi Pradhans

Posted on 11 September 2009

Ekta Kapoor’s demand that 200 youngsters kiss strangers passionately on the lips during an audition, had most of them running scared
kiss.If you want to grab a role in one of Balaji Telefilms’s drama-filled shows and think that shooting off a few lines in front of the camera will suffice, this one is for you. Ekta Kapoor recently made 200 young boys and girls do far more than just look good and mouth a few lines. As her forthcoming untitled show demands intimacy, she asked those who went for the auditions to smooch random people from the opposite sex so that she could decide if they fit the bill or not. 83 couples who met Ekta’s requirements were shortlisted. The audition for this show, which has been kept under wraps, has been going on since one-and-a-half months.
Most of those who had gone to the Balaji office to audition for the new project were shocked at being asked to kiss those they don’t know, that too passionately. Some openly refused to do it. A source says, “Many of them were shocked and decided to pack their bags and go home.” Sources: www.mumbaimirror.com
Sakshi Pradhan & Adam Bedi kissing
Sakshi Pradhan’s Audition Kiss Video Part 1

Adam Bedi Kisses In An Audition Video Part 2

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