Kamasutra style Dancing on Dance India Dance Reality Show Photo Video

Posted on 11 April 2009

Kamasutra style Dancing Video Stared on after 4 mintues from start time on this video



Temperatures are soaring this summer and things are getting hotter on Dance India Dance.
One of the judges Terence Lewis made participants name is Jai kumar Nair and Vaishali sexually explicit dance act, Zee tv channel mulls snipping portion where the duo is defining sexual postion. Both are dancing sensuous number on Hai Rama from Rangeela actually in this song Aamir Kahn and Urmila Matodkar play role.This steamy dance has grandmaster Mithun Chakra-borty visibly uncomfortable.
When the act was over, there was a stunned silence that left the production team wondering whether they should edit the Kama Sutra-like performance.
Vaishali replys I am very sorry if have hurt anybody’s felling. I personally don’t how my father is doing to react to it and whether he will allow me home after seeing the performance. I hope that the audience accepts it.

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